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Floor type

Tile / ceramic (7-18 mm)
mosaic linear shower drain
Glass Mosaic (2-3 mm)
Natural stone (10-30 mm)
Thin tiles (3-4 mm)
Vinyl (1-5 mm)
Concrete look (3-6 mm)


Free in the floor




300 mm - 2000 mm

Installation depth

63 mm - 95 mm


10 years warranty
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Linear shower drains

As the inventors of barrier-free showering we offer the largest product range in elegant linear shower drains

Freedom in design

Our Easy Drain series provides you the opportunity to design your bathroom exactly as you want it. The Easy Drain program offers unique design sets that are perfect for small and large-sized shower floors with various – also tileable – surfaces, such as in stainless steel and glass. With the modern and timeless design grates, you have the opportunity to personalize your shower sensation.

Solution for any bathroom

We have linear shower drains available for every type of bathroom and installation situation, whether it’s new construction or renovation. Easy Drain linear shower drains are available in lengths from 200 mm up to 2000 mm and come with our patented technologies. In addition, all our linear shower drains are easy to clean and can be placed almost anywhere in the shower: free in the floor, against the wall or at the entrance.


  • Easy Drain Modulo

    Unlimited design options

    Decide for yourself what type of grate finish suits your bathroom floor best; brushed stainless steel, glass or your own bathroom tile. The modern and timeless design grates will give a unique touch to your shower sensation. Create a unique space without barriers.

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With the Easy Drain Compact you choose the flattest shower drain in the world, which makes it a problem solver for renovation projects.

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Natural stone floors

Natural stone floors

Easy Drain Modulo TAF High & Stone are specially developed for application of natural stone in your bathroom floor.

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Thin floors

Thin floors

The Modulo TAF Low is developed for application of thin flooring, like glass mosaic, large format tiles, vinyl flooring.

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  • Easy Installation

    Just a matter of seconds

    Easy Drain shower drains are supplied as complete set that only consists
    of a few parts which enable a quick and easy installation. By using our
    crystal clear installation- advice and videos, assembling an Easy
    Drain is only a matter of seconds.

    Installation videos


Easy Drain linear shower drains are used in projects throughout the world. Let us know what type of project you're working on and we will find the right solution.


Choose from a wide range of grates to find the design that matches your bathroom best, whether it's classic or contemporary style.


Thanks to the outstanding functionality and aesthetics, Easy Drain linear drains are popular in both hotel new builds and renovations.

Health care

Easy Drain drainage solutions meets all requirements for hospitals, healthcare facilities and nursing homes application.

Why professionals prefer Easy Drain?

Easy installation Easy installation

Easy installation

Uncomplicated installation, preferred by professionals worldwide

10 year warranty 10 year warranty

10 year warranty

Proven quality that lasts a lifetime in your bathroom

Easy to keep clean Easy to keep clean

Easy to keep clean

Effortless cleaning thanks to patented access possibilities

  • Modulo TAF

    perfect finish

    Easy Drain Modulo TAF linear shower drain, the perfect solutions for all your bathroom wishes. The subtle stainless frame provides an elegant look and fits seamlessly into your bathroom floor.

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  • Compact Wall

    Perfect wall installation

    With Easy Drain Compact you choose the flattest linear shower drain in the world. The Easy Drain Compact Wall is specially developed for wall application, due to its flexible wall connection.

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  • Modulo Basic

    Perfect finish

    Easy Drain Modulo Basic linear shower drain, the foundation for every bathroom, offers a wide range of modern and stylish design grates.

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  • Waterstop Wall

    Guaranteed 100% watertight

    Easy Drain Waterstop Wall linear shower drain is supplied as complete set including sealing membrane (200 x 150 cm) with WPS technology.

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Why choose a linear drain?

Take your bathroom design to the next level

Get creative

In contrary to a traditional shower drain, which needs to have 4 sided slope and can only be used with small tiles, an Easy Drain linear shower drain only needs one-sided slope and can be used with large format tiles. This way, you have maximum freedom in designing your barrier free bathroom. An Easy Drain shower drain can be installed in many different ways – find out which type suits you best.


Looks – Linear drains are sleek and slim, a real eye catcher that nicely fits with a lot of different shower floors.
Works – Linear drains are easy to keep clean and drains the water smoothly. Who doesn’t love a low maintenance bathroom.
Function – Linear drains can be placed almost anywhere, so you can create the perfect barrier-free bathroom for years to come.

Showering in complete freedom

Showering in complete freedom

Create the bathroom of your dreams

Linear shower drains enable a total barrier-free design as they can be placed virtually anywhere, at the entrance, against the wall or free in the floor. Decide yourself where you want to place your drain. Our Easy Drain series provides you the opportunity to design your bathroom exactly as you want it. You create a unique space without barriers. Think free. Shower free.

Selecting the right linear shower drain is key


With bathroom renovations, being more popular than ever, you need a shower drain fits this type of installation. Usually, there isn’t a lot of height available to fit in a shower drain. Therefore we have various ultra-flat shower drains which are especially suitable for renovation projects. Our Easy Drain Compact – the world’s flattest – is specified for renovation projects worldwide.

New Construction

Whether a shower drain is installed on a concrete or wooden subfloor, the top of the drain has to be even with the tile floor, to ensure optimal water drainage. With new construction, there’s usually enough height to fit any type of shower drain.

Barrier-free showering for generation

As the world population is ageing more rapidly it’s not unusual that people experience difficulties in using showers in a safe manner.

Traditional shower

A traditional shower floor with shower drain has a four-sided sloped towards the centre drain. This way, the uneven floor can be inconvenient for wheelchairs and more dangerous when wet. Also with a traditional shower, the size of the shower area is always restricted to the size the shower tray.

Barrier free shower

With linear shower drains it’s possible to create a walk-in shower with flooring that slightly slopes in one direction, towards the drain. These showers were once only considered as a convenience for those with mobility problems, children or the elderly. Now walk-in showers are a fantastic addition to any bathroom.

Linear shower drain

Less cleaning and more enjoying!

Save time with Easy Drain linear shower drains

Cleaning a walk-in shower

A classic shower, like for instance the traditional shower cabin, has a lot of fittings and sides that aren’t easy to clean. A walk-in shower with linear shower drains has opposite characteristics, it takes little effort to clean and saves time.

Cleaning an Easy Drain

Easy Drain linear drains have a removable water seal that is easy to clean and offer easy access system to drain pipe. Besides, Easy Drain comes standard with several tools to that are helpful for cleaning your shower drain.

Choose the quality and durability

Expect your shower drain to last at least as long as your bathroom

Make quality your priority

When selecting the right drain for your project, make sure that quality is the highest priority. A faulty linear shower drain is costly to replace and therefore it has to last at as long as your bathroom. With more than 80 years of experience, we guarantee that you drainage solutions last a lifetime because quality is and remains our highest priority.

Only the best materials

For Easy Drain linear shower drains only the best materials are used, for example, first rate stainless steel. We attach great importance to the quality and durability of all Easy Drain products. All of our products are tested extensively so that you can fully trust our quality. Easy Drain is a Dutch quality product and with our German production facility, we guarantee the quality you can rely on.

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