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We believe in a barrier-free world, a place of no restrictions. Our Easy Drain linear shower drain is the culmination of that dream. There is an Easy Drain linear shower drain for every type of bathroom project, you can find it here

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The most important steps

Choose location & size

Choose location & size

You can place your linear shower drain against the wall or free-in-the-floor. We recommend an against the wall installation that has one-sided sloping, meaning; less tile cutting, clean lines and high drainage capacity.

Determine type of flooring

Determine type of flooring

There are specific models for different types of flooring. Also, keep in mind that in a renovation project you might need a drain with low installation depth.

Pick your grate finish

Pick your grate finish

Find the grate that matches your bathroom's design best. You can choose from a wide range of materials and designs.

Why choose a linear drain?

Create the bathroom of your dreams

Unlike a traditional shower drain, which requires a four-sided slope and is only applicable if you have small tiles, a linear shower drain, if placed against the wall only needs a one-sided slope and can be used with large format tiles. Thanks to the invention of the linear shower drain, you have maximum freedom in designing your barrier free bathroom. A drainage system can be installed in different ways – find out what the best linear shower drain is for your project.


Appearance – Linear drains have a sleek and slim appearance, a subtle eye-catcher that fits in a large variety of shower floors.

Maintenance – Linear drains offer easy maintenance and efficient water drainage. Who doesn’t love an easy-to-clean shower drain?

Flexibility – Linear drains can be placed almost anywhere in your barrier-free bathroom. Giving you the flexibility to create the perfect bathroom layout.  

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Future-proof bathroom for generations

Compared to traditional shower trays and drains, linear drains are far safer as they remove obstacles. A barrier-free walk-in shower is at the same level as the bathroom floor. This creates a creates a wheelchair- and senior friendly bathroom that can be enjoyed for many generations. 

Create more space

You easily create more space in the bathroom by removing all thresholds and let your bathroom floor tiles continue into the shower. Barrier-free showering starts with a linear shower drain.

How-to create a safe bathroom

Why choose an Easy Drain?

Suitable for any bathroom project – We offer a wide range of Easy Drain linear shower drains that are suitable for any type of bathroom and installation situation, whether it’s renovation or new build.

Lengths up to 2 meters – Easy Drain linear shower drains are available in lengths from 200 mm up to 2000 mm and are equipped with our patented technologies.

Low maintenance and easy-to-clean – All our drains are made of high-quality stainless steel and therefore require little maintenance. Our drains are easy to clean thanks to the easy removable siphon and hair catcher.

10-year warranty – We believe in our high-quality shower drains. That’s why we offer you a 10-year warranty on all of our products.

Find your linear shower drain

Freedom in design

Our Easy Drain series provides you with the opportunity to design your bathroom exactly as you want. The Easy Drain program offers unique design grates that are perfect for small and large-sized shower floors with various finishes such as:

Easy waterproofing

Whether it’s a renovation or new construction project, waterproofing is necessary for any type of bathroom or wet area. With our Easy Seal sets, we offer a guaranteed safe and 100% watertight waterproofing system, in combination with one of our Easy Drains. As a result, leaking of faulty installation due to unfavorable conditions is eliminated.

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Easy installation

Easy Drain shower drains are supplied as a complete set and have just a few parts which enables a quick and easy installation. By using our comprehensive installation manuals and videos, assembling an Easy Drain is completed in a matter of seconds.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy an ESS product?

ESS products can be found at showrooms and wholesalers around the world. You can easily find a dealer in the area via the dealer locator. If you are a wholesaler and/or retailer with an interest in our products, please contact us.

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Are there specific solutions for large projects?

Yes, we offer special solutions for any type of project, whether it’s hospitality, residential or health care project. Have a look at our referencesPlease contact us when you have specific requirements for your project.

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New construction or renovation, what is the difference when selecting a shower drain?

When renovating a bathroom, you’re installing the shower drain in the existing floor. Sometimes there isn’t a lot of space in the floor/substrate to install the drain, so the installation depth of the drain is an important factor. Choose a shower drain with low installation depth when there’s little space available.

Solution for renovation

The Easy Drain Compact, the world’s flattest shower drain with 50 mm water seal (European building standard EN 1253) has a total installation depth of just 63 mm and is therefore perfect for virtually any renovation project. Also, the Easy Drain M-line has a flat design that is perfect for renovation projects.

Solution for new construction

In new construction projects, the installation depth is normally not an issue. You can select any drain that matches your preference.

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What is the best place to install a linear shower drain?

Easy Drain linear shower drains can be installed in various locations in the shower. First, you need to determine where you want to place your shower drain. We recommend installing your shower drain against the wall (three-sided installation). By doing so, you have a one-sided slope that offers the easiest installation with less tile cutting necessary. Another option is to place the shower drain free-in-the-floor. Keep in mind that you need to create sloping towards the drain from all angles. 

Wall installation

Floor installation

Note: The location of the shower drain can affect the drainage of the water. Always consult a specialist when determining the location.

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Are there specific models for wall installation?

Yes, Easy Drain ‘Wall’ models are specially developed for an easy and watertight installation against the wall (under the wall tile) thanks to the wall mounting bracket and pre-assembled sealing membrane. These wall mounted shower drains are also easy to clean thanks to their horizontal flange.

Easy Drain shower drains for wall installation

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Is there a shower drain for every floor type?

Easy Drain shower drains can be installed in almost any type of floor. Click on the floor type to find a suitable shower drain.

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What is a linear shower drain?

A linear shower drain is an elongated shower drain (incl. siphon) that ensures that the water is drained as efficiently and hygienically as possible. Thanks to the linear shower drain it’s easier to use large sized tiles as your shower floor. Since its invention, it has unleashed a revolution in bathrooms worldwide and transformed them to today’s trendy barrier-free bathrooms. The advantage of a linear shower drain in comparison to a traditional shower drain are numerous.

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What is a barrier-free shower or walk-in shower?

Unlike a traditional shower tray, a barrier-free shower or walk-in shower is completely level with the floor. In this case, the floor is sloped towards the drain, so all the water will drain efficient and a tray is not necessary.  With this type of shower, you can continue your bathroom tiles into your shower and have complete freedom in designing the bathroom of your dreams. Another great plus of a walk-in shower or barrier-free shower is that it’s future-proof, meaning that it makes effective use of space and does not contain obstructive barriers or steps (barrier-free).

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How do I know if the drainage capacity is sufficient and where can I find this?

Your shower drain must have a higher drainage capacity than the amount of water produced by the shower.  A standard shower produces about 10-16 litres per minute (depends on the amount of water produced by the water heater/boiler). Easy Drain shower drains have a minimum drainage capacity of 30 litres per minute, which means that the drainage capacity for a standard shower is more than sufficient.

Note: If you use several shower heads or a rain shower, make sure that the drainage capacity is sufficient. In addition, the layout of the shower room also affects the drainage of the water. We recommend to always consult a specialist when determining the layout of the bathroom and the needed drainage capacity.

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Which height does my water seal need to be?

The water seal height is the height of the water in the siphon that blocks the air from the sewer. According to the European building standard EN 1253, a shower drainage system must be installed with a water seal (height) of at least 50 mm. Sometimes in renovation projects, there isn’t a lot of space available in the floor. A lower water seal height also means a lower installation depth. So, in this case, a siphon with 30 mm water seal can be applied.

Note: A lower water seal height (i.e. 30 mm) means less drainage capacity and can also dry out more easily when it isn’t used for a longer period of time, for example during holidays.

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How much space do I need for a walk-in shower or barrier-free shower?

There is no minimum size for placing a walk-in shower. However, it’s recommendable to have at least 1 meter around the shower head. It’s also important to separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom using a (glass) partition or wall, this blocks the splashing of water.  

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Which grate options are possible?

Easy Drain shower drains are available with the following grate options. Click on the grate finish to find the matching shower drain.

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Can I use my own bathroom tile as a grate?

Easy Drain has a wide range of shower drains, specially developed for fitting your own bathroom tile (invisible look). In addition, our Zero-Tile models feature a reversible grid for both tile and stainless steel look.



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Are Easy Drain shower drains supplied as a complete set?

Most Easy Drain shower drains are supplied as a complete set. A complete set consists of a design set (grate/frame) and built-in set (part that goes into the floor). The complete set also contains all necessary accessories for installation and maintenance such as height adjustable feet, grate removal tool, tile installation aid etc.

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How to determine the required installation depth of the shower drain?

The top of the shower drain should be at the same level or max. 2 mm (1/16”) lower than the finishing floor. When determining the required installation depth of the shower drain, please take the following into consideration:

  • The height of the shower drain
  • Application of tile adhesive
  • Tile thickness
  • Sloping
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What are available dimensions for Easy Drain shower drains?

Easy Drain linear shower drains

  • 500 mm 600, 700 …. 2000 mm (steps of 100 mm)
  • Custom length models that can be shortened
  • Extra lengths (longer than 2000 mm) are available on request

Easy Drain shower drains

  •  □ 100×100 mm | 150×150 mm | 200×200 mm
  • △ 220 x 220 mm | 240 x 240 mm
  • o ø100 mm | ø146 mm
  • ▭ 200 mm | 300 mm | 400 mm
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I’m looking for a non-standard (length) shower drain, is that possible?

There are custom length models that can be shortened at the construction site. Also, long lengths are available. If you need a special non-standard length, shape, extra siphon or a specific configuration then please please contact us.

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How do I determine the length of linear shower drain needed?

This depends on the size of the shower area and most importantly the location of the shower drain.

Wall installation

  • Three-sided (recommended)
    Length needs to be the exact distance between both walls, the wall tiles are placed on the shower drain’s flange.  
  • One-sided
    Length needs to be smaller than the distance between both walls with at least 8-10 cm on both sides.

Floor installation

  • Free-in-the-floor
    Length needs to be smaller than the distance between walls, with at least 8-10 cm on all sides
  • Between two walls
    Length needs to be the exact distance between both walls, the wall tiles are placed on the shower drain’s flange.
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Which shower drains are suitable for a wheelchair users?

All grates (design sets) are suitable for wheelchair users, with the exception of glass grates.

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