What is secondary drainage?

With our patented TAF-system (Tile Adjustable Frame) we offer a unique option to apply secondary drainage in a barrier-free installation. This way, any water leaking under the tiles due to porous sealant or cracks can flow back into the shower drain.

Required sealing of wet area
Secondary drainage only applies when the entire wet area is sealed with a certified waterproofing membrane. We recommend using our Wet Area Sealing Set. Linear shower drains from Easy Drain’s Compact and Multi series have a vertical stainless steel flange, and therefore doesn’t have the secondary drainage option.


  • Any water leaking under the tiles can flow back
    into the shower drain
  • Tile Adjustable Frame for easy levelling to any tile thickness
  • Water Protection System for a 100% watertight installation
  • 10-year warranty with our Wet Area Sealing Set
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