What is a barrier-free shower or walk-in shower?

Unlike a traditional shower tray, a barrier-free shower or walk-in shower is completely level with the floor. With a walk-in shower a tray is not necessary because the floor is sloped towards the drain, so all the water will drain efficiently.

More freedom. more design

With this type of shower, you can continue your bathroom tiles into your shower and have complete freedom in designing the bathroom of your dreams. The design of a bathroom with a continuous shower floor gives a much nicer and more spacious look to the bathroom. Furthermore, it offers aesthetically more possibilities thanks to the use of large-sized tiles.

Note: To achieve the best possible result, please carefully read the installation guide because the exact instructions depend on the type of shower drain. We recommend that the shower drain installation should only be done by trained professionals in compliance with local building regulations.


Another great plus of a walk-in shower or barrier-free shower is that it’s future-proof, meaning that it makes effective use of space and does not contain obstructive barriers or steps (barrier-free). Walk-in showers are ideal for people with mobility problems, who can walk in and out of the shower effortlessly.

Easy to clean

A traditional shower tray can difficult to clean due to it hard to clean parts and corners, while a walk-in shower is easier maintain because it has less places where water and dirt can settle.

Time-saving installation

A barrier-free shower with a linear shower drain placed against the wall only needs one-sided sloping and therefore will take less installation time.

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