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Bathroom accessories

Stylish & Functional


Fundamental bathroom items

Since time immemorial, we have become accustomed to save our bathroom accessories on traditional places. Why not looking for new simple, clean and functional solutions? This is exactly what we thought. Over the last few years we’ve developed multiple new innovative bathroom and toilet wall storage solutions, even invisible ones. The starting-point of all our bathroom accessories products: using the empty space behind the wall.

For Everyone

In order to meet the most demanding requirements from both, installers and end-users, our engineering team is able to adapt and to conceive specific technical elements. With our bathroom accessories collection we provide functional and elegant wall storage solutions for both the residential- and the project market.




Use Space Efficiently

Our driving ambition is to develop functional, simple and practical products. All in the very best quality with an attractive and modern design. Since toilet brushes and toilet rolls are not the most attractive things to show we’ve developed an invisible storage solution. Easily hide your toilet brush and toilet rolls in our in wall storage solution.

Invisible storage solution

Simple is always a winner

Quick and easy to install

Successful installation

We believe products need to be simple and quick and easy to install, even in the most difficult circumstances. By offering extensive installation manuals and videos we’re offering all the prerequisites that are required for a successful installation of our wall storage solutions. To ensure a complete watertight installation we’ve developed a build-in element that can be applied in dry- and solid wall constructions.

Toilet roll holders

Easily fixed to any wall surface at the exact height you desire, our charming toilet roll holders will ensure your toilet roll is never out of reach. ESS’s bathroom accessories line contains some refined and robust toilet paper roll holders and niches, all made of high-quality stainless steel. With our range of stylish toilet roll holders, you’ll be able to mix and match from our selection to ensure that your toilet roll holder coordinates with the rest of your bathroom accessories and fits with the larger decor scheme of the space.


Perfect Finished Wall Storage

Our toilet brush and roll storage products are available in several colours. Find your inspiration and add unique storage space to your toilet and bathroom.



Make your walls do double-duty

Many homeowners don’t realize there’s much usable space in their walls. Make your walls do double-duty by utilizing the space in a stylish and functional way. With our Multi toilet roll storage you can easily store multiple toilet rolls in the wall.

Store toilet rolls


Push open Push open

Push open

The push to open function conveniently opens our tileable boxes at the mere press of a finger.

Stainless steel Stainless steel

Stainless steel

The bathroom accessories collection is crafted of the highest quality stainless steel.

Watertight Watertight


Water-resistance is key for all products in the toilet and bathroom.

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