100% Waterproof
Easy installation
Easy to clean
High-quality stainless steel

Remove your toilet brush out of sight

Hiding your toilet brush is a perfect way to declutter your toilet. For this reason, we've designed a whole range of recessed toilet brush holders. These toilet brush holders are available in various finishes with a tileable or stainless steel push-to-open door. That way, you are able to match any design.


Technical details

5 colours
140mm max. installation depth
3 models
1001 installation options
More details
Built-in element for application into the wall
Sealing set for waterproofing
Installation and depth adjustment bracket
Made of high-quality stainless steel and available in various finishes
Door hinges can be placed left or right
Tileable door
Chrome-plated stainless steel toilet brush holder

Choose your finish. Choose your style.

Find your inspiration and add stylish storage space to any room. Whether you choose the timeless elegance of stainless steel, the understated elegance of white and crème or the unique modern look of black, you will get a whole new look, and you can enjoy this every time you take a bath or shower.

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