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Quality where you need it the most

We have the perfect point drain for any project. Whether it’s an unexpectedly elegant take on a conventional round drain or a surprisingly intriguing square drain or triangle drain.

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100% Waterproof
10-year warranty
Easy installation
Easy to clean

The most important steps

Choose location & size

Choose location & size

You can place your linear shower drain against the wall or free-in-the-floor. We recommend an against the wall installation that only needs a one-sided sloping, which results in less tile cutting, clean lines and high drainage capacity.

Determine type of flooring

Determine type of flooring

There are specific models for different types of flooring. Besides the bathroom floor type, keep in mind that a renovation project might require a drain with a low installation depth.

Pick your grate finish

Pick your grate finish

Find the grate that matches your bathroom's design best. You can choose from a wide range of materials and designs. We offer several glass options, as well as tileable grates in which you can place your own tile.

Beauty is more than skin-deep

Beneath the grate, every Easy Drain is constructed of high-quality stainless steel guaranteed to maintain its function and beauty for many years to come. Drain traps are made of antimicrobial ABS plastic, providing maximum hygiene where it matters most.

Endless design options

We have the perfect point drain for every project. Whether it’s an unexpectedly elegant take on a conventional round drain or a surprisingly intriguing square drain or triangle drain, there’s sure to be an Easy Drain that can elevate this oft-forgotten aspect of the bathroom.

Point drain shapes

A triangular drain fits perfectly into any square or rectangular shower floor.

a square shaped point drain fits seamlessly into any bathroom design.

A round point drain matches any bathroom style while design nor function are compromised.


Quality where it matters the most

Our extensive range point drains offer multiple solutions for water drainage. This gives you the ultimate flexibility to customize your bathroom. You can be sure that whichever point drain you choose, it is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, ensuring a comfortable and safe feeling while showering.

Sanitary innovation at its best

Enjoy cutting edge technology in your bathroom. Our point drains are all equipped with premium technology. Choose between a variable connection for horizontal or vertical installation. All of our drains are suitable for a bathroom renovation project.

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