7 tips to create a safe bathroom

7 tips to create a safe bathroom

A safe bathroom sounds logical. However, many bathrooms have elements that might cause injuries with serious consequences. This doesn’t solely happen to seniors but also young adults. When designing a new bathroom suitable for everyone, it’s important to keep a safe bathroom environment in mind.

Create a safe bathroom environment

Statistics show that a bathroom can be the most dangerous place in the home. According to the Center for Disease Control and prevention every year 235,000 people end up in emergency rooms because of a bathroom injury in the US alone.



To prevent you from being one of them, it is important to take precautionary measures. This consist of knowing how to create a safe and barrier-free bathroom.

1. Barrier-shower entry at floor level

Old fashioned shower trays have high entries that may cause unnecessary injuries.  When looking for a suitable shower, a barrier-free shower with linear drain is a good solution. The surface of a walk-in shower stays at the same level as the bathroom floor. In combination with a linear shower drain, you’re assured of an efficient drainage of water and thus less chance of falling. A large barrier-free shower also has easy wheelchair access.

2. Use a shower chair with a walk-in shower

Although this is generally not applicable for young adults, many seniors benefit from having a seat during showering. With a shower chair, you are able to shower and rest simultaneously. A shower chair can take up space, that’s why a spacious walk-in shower offers a good solution.

3. Create enough moving space in the bathroom

Senior-friendly bathrooms are often spacious in which manoeuvring is easy. A spacious bathroom is a luxury for many.  But with the correct elements and layout, you are able to create enough space in a small bathroom as well. Thanks to the Container Series storage solutions, cabinets on the wall can be replaced by built-in wall niches. Also, your toilet brush and toilet paper can be placed inside the wall. By using the space inside the wall you prevent objects from sticking out and thus potential injuries. Read more about designing a small bathroom in this article.

4. Slip resistant tiles

Fall-related accidents in a bathroom happens mainly due to slippery tiles. By choosing slip resistant tiles with a rough surface you reduce the chances of falling. You can pick slip resistant tiles for just the shower floor or the entire bathroom.

5. Apply a thermostatic shower valve

An abrupt temperature change could cause a startle reaction and injury. To prevent this from happening a thermostatic faucet with temperature limitation is a good solution. Installing a thermostatic faucet isn’t only safer for you, but also for any small child that uses the shower.

6. Use grab bars if needed

It isn’t a luxury for seniors to have additional help while sitting or standing up. That’s why grab bars contribute to create a safe bathroom environment. Safety bars are especially useful next to the toilet, bath and shower. By choosing a built-in toilet roll holder and toilet brush holder you also remove elements that could serve as an obstacle.

7. Create more space with flat siphon

A wash-basin without cabinet provides someone in a wheelchair more room e.g. to brush their teeth. Many wash-basins require a cabinet to hide their siphon. A Slim Siphon, offered by Easy Drain, has the flattest siphon available and as a result you save as much space as possible.

There are lot of things you need to take into account when creating a safe bathroom. An average bathroom lasts for at least 10-15 years, that’s why it’s beneficial to start designing a barrier-free bathroom as soon as possible. This way you can enjoy a safe bathroom environment as long as possible.

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