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Cookie policy

We use cookies to provide useful features and measure performance to improve your experience. By clicking "Accept Cookies" you agree to the use of all cookies. By clicking "Cookies settings" you only agree to the categories you have selected. More information can be found in our Cookie policy.

A cookie is a small file that can be stored on your device when you visit a website. In principle, Easy Sanitary Solutions uses cookies to provide users with additional functions on the website, e.g. to help you navigate a website, to enable you to continue using the website where you left it and/or store your preferences or settings, if you visit the website again. Cookies can’t access, read or edit any other data on your device.

Some of the cookies on our websites are session or temporary cookies. They are automatically deleted when you leave the website. In addition, Easy Sanitary Solutions uses persistent cookies, which remain stored on the hard drive. However, these can be manually deleted in your browser. Otherwise, these cookies last a maximum of 2 years. Easy Sanitary Solutions uses these persistent cookies to recognize you when you next visit our website in order to make the website more comfortable for you to use and to adapt the website to your requirements in the best possible way.

Easy Sanitary Solutions also uses third-party cookies (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn) to help make the website more interesting for you. Therefore, temporary and persistent cookies from third parties are also stored when using the websites. The sole purpose of these third-party cookies is to give third party providers the opportunity to address you with targeted advertising. Easy Sanitary Solutions assumes no liability for the lawful use of cookies by third parties.

Easy Sanitary Solutions uses the following types of cookies on the website:

  • Strictly necessary cookies
  • Performance cookies
  • Functional cookies
  • Advertising cookies

Only pseudonymous data is collected under a user ID, e.g. which pages the user has viewed, which content he searched for etc. Easy Sanitary Solutions never merges pseudonymous data with the personal data of the user.

You can actively consent to the storage of cookies when visiting our websites. You also have the option to enable or disable the storage of only certain types of cookies. You can at any time change your Cookie settings.

You can also control cookies on your device by selecting your browser settings to get a notification when a website wants to store cookies. Alternatively, you can block or delete cookies if they are already stored on your device by visiting which contains information on how to control and delete cookies on a variety of desktop browsers. However, disabling, blocking or deleting cookies may affect your online experience and prevent you from fully using our websites.

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