Choosing the best linear shower drain

Choosing the best linear shower drain

Renovating your bathroom could lead to a number of issues that haven’t crossed your mind beforehand. Take for example a shower drain. After picking the bathroom tiles of your dreams you realise that they might cause problems in combination with a drainage system. Or perhaps your bathroom layout isn’t suitable to create a floor level shower area.

In this article, we discuss important factors to keep in mind when choosing the best shower drain for your bathroom. We provide you with information about suitable shower drain models, flooring, grates, outlets, drainage capacity and other important features.

Renovation or new construction

Renovation project
A renovation project usually requires a shower drain with a low installation depth. Most shower drains are suitable for bathroom renovation projects, however, the Easy Drain Compact and Easy Drain M-line have the lowest installation depth possible and are known to be problem solvers for any renovation project.

New construction project
In new construction projects, the installation depth is usually not an issue and all shower drain models are suitable.


All linear shower drains

Location in shower

Free in the floor / against the wall
Determine where you want to place your (linear) shower drain. You can choose between “free in the floor” or an “against the wall” installation. We recommend installing your shower drain “against the wall”. By doing so, you only need one-sided sloping which offers the easiest installation with less tile cutting and a seamless result. Keep in mind that four-sided sloping towards the drain is needed when placing the shower drain “free-in-the-floor”.

Easy installation with two-sided sloping is achieved when placing the linear drain “between two walls” or “wall-to-wall”. Almost any linear shower drain is suitable for a wall-to-wall installation (using the extension set). If you want a free in the floor installation with two-sided sloping then the Easy Drain Diamond is your best choice.


The dimensions of your shower area and placement determine the necessary drain length. Easy Drain linear shower drains range from 500 mm up to 2000 mm and include a variety of (custom) options. All shower drains are available in standard lengths while some can be made to measure on-site like the R-line or Modulo Stone Flex.

The width of your shower drain is a matter of taste. Our Modulo Design has several design frames that vary in width. If you prefer something subtle, the Xs Z-1 and Nano are minimalist drains that create a seamless and sleek fit. In case you want to hide your drain you can choose from an extensive range of tileable grates. Almost any series of our shower drains has this tileable grate option.

Shower drain models

Linear shower drains
Your choice depends upon your preference. We recommend a linear drain as these models give an aesthetically pleasing appearance and require less tile cutting and slope creation when installed “against the wall”.

Point drains
If you prefer a point drain (square drain) or a round shower drain, keep in mind that you have more visible grout lines as these type of drains need a four-sided sloping. Another possibility is a corner installation with a triangular drain.

Traditional linear drain or unique design
A shower drain no longer has to be oblong or square shaped. Easy Drain design drains are known for their unique shapes and looks.
The S-line, for example, is a subtle and almost invisible triangular drain that is placed against the wall. The M-line is a small rectangular wall drain that offers both the looks and comfort.
The Diamond and the Dot & Square are both striking due to their unusual shape and are eyecatchers in any bathroom’s design.

Shower drain grate or cover

Unlimited grate patterns and finishes
You can choose from a wide range of design grates, including polished and/or brushed stainless steel with various patterns. If you prefer an invisible look, a tileable grate is a good solution.
In case you are looking for something different, our Modulo Design and Modulo TAF  / TAF Wall are available with coloured glass such as white, black and green. The Xs is available in many special finishes like gold, cyprum, black steel, oiled rubbed bronze and matte black. You can even go for a more unique finish when choosing the Dot&Square. These drains have an insert that can be used with any type of material, for example, wood or aluminium. 

Shower boards

Shower drain + slope board + waterproofing = All-in-one solution

The Easy Drain shower boards are mostly used in large-scale bathroom projects (i.e. hotels) where installation time important. These time-saving boards eliminate the extensive process of slope creation and other installation difficulties. The board can be tiled directly and comes with an integrated shower drain with a pre-assembled sealing membrane, which makes installation and waterproofing easy and safe. 

Bathroom flooring

Tile thickness
Check the thickness of your tiles or flooring material and make sure that your shower drain is suitable for this. Ceramic tiles (7-18 mm) are most common in bathroom flooring and are a perfect fit with almost any Easy Drain. For maximum freedom during the installation, choose a shower drain with the patented Tile Adjustable Frame (TAF) system. This frame makes leveling to tile thickness an easy job.

Easy Drain has specific models that suitable for floor types; natural stone (18 – 28 mm), vinyl, thin flooring i.e. cast flooring or glass mosaic (3 – 13 mm).

Read our blog about finding the right shower drain for your bathroom floor for additional information.

Or use our filter to find the right match instantly.

Check the required drainage capacity

A shower drain must have a higher drainage capacity compared the amount of water produced by the shower head. All Easy Drains have a drainage capacity that is sufficient for any standard shower situation. Additionally, Easy Drains with a 50 mm water seal are certified according to EN 1253. Look for the M2 high volume siphon when dealing with extraordinary amounts of water. We recommend to always check whether your drainage capacity is sufficient.

Fixed or rotatable outlet

When connecting the shower drain to the drainage pipe, you want as few bends in the pipe as possible. In many situations, a fixed outlet is suitable. When there is an obstacle in the way, you can get a drain with a 360-degree rotatable connection, which creates a direct connection to the drainage pipe, no matter its position. 

Horizontal or vertical outlet

In most of Europe, shower drain models require a horizontal outlet. In the United States and Scandinavia, a vertical outlet is more common. Depending on your outlet, all Easy Drain shower drains can be ordered with the outlet you need. Use our filter function to get an overview of all possibilities.

Are you looking for more information about installing a drain? Read our blog about shower drain installation.

Easy Drain features

Tile adjustable frame (TAF)
The Tile Adjustable Frame system removes any insecurities about the correct installation height. The frame is fully adjustable during tiling and ensures a perfect fit with any floor thickness. The TAF-frames are available as standard (7-18 mm) a high version when using thick tiles (17-28 mm) and a low version (3-13 mm) for thin flooring.

Secondary water drainage
Another advantage of the TAF-frame is its application of secondary drainage. Thanks to the TAF system and pre-assembled sealing membrane (WPS) any water leakage due to porous sealant and/or tile cracks is able to flow into the shower drain.

Water Protection System (WPS)
Waterproofing is an important job when building or renovating a bathroom. Thanks to the Water Protection System you have an easy and secure waterproofing system that offers a 10-year warranty!

Are you looking for more information about waterproofing a shower area and/or bathroom?
Read our blog article about waterproofing a shower area (and/or bathroom)

10 year warranty
A bathroom must be waterproof and must last for a long period of time. Only high quality materials and products can ensure this. Easy Drain products meet the highest quality standards and undergo extensive tests. This resulted in the confidence of providing you with a 10-year warranty.

Hair and residues can block a shower drain easily. Many drains are difficult to clean. Easy Drains (that mostly have a ABS plastic siphon) have a siphon that can be easily removed and cleaned with water. Additionally, most Easy Drains are also included with an easy-to-remove and -clean hair catcher.

Are you looking for more information about cleaning a (Easy Drain) shower drain?
Read our blog about shower drain cleaning.

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