[How-to] Clean your shower drain in 3 steps

[How-to] Clean your shower drain in 3 steps

Keeping you shower drain clean is important. When you use the shower, all kinds of filth like soap residues and hairs can attach to the shower drain. A clean drain ensures that water drains quickly and effectively and minimizes any risks of flooding. Fortunately, with the help of some household cleaning products or our EasyClean set, your shower drain can look and function as great as the day it was installed!

Maximum hygiene and safety

Easy Drain shower drains are high-quality products that will last a lifetime in your bathroom with maximum hygiene. Therefore, all siphons are made of antimicrobial ABS plastic, providing maximum hygiene where it matters most. Most Easy Drain shower drains have a removable siphon that is easy to clean due to patented access options.

Keep in mind

Do not use sharp objects or fluids that have the potential to damage sanitary equipment, drainage equipment, and raw (stainless steel or plastic) materials. Do not use abrasives or sharp / scraping objects to clean your shower drain. Also, the siphon trap should be cleaned periodically to remove any dirt that may have collected.

EasyClean set

We recommend using the specially developed EasyClean Set for the daily care and cleaning of your Easy Drain. The EasyClean Set removes trapped filth and other stains that are hard to remove and gives the drain its shine back.


Why use EasyClean set?

The EasyClean sets consist of EasyCleaner and EasyRemover. EasyCleaner is a multi-surface cleaner which can be used on a daily basis and adds a protective coating which prevents impurities from adhering to the surface. It removes lime scale and superficial impurities such as soap residue, skin sebum and dander. EasyRemover is a heavy-duty detergent for the removal of oxides and other difficult to remove impurities on your Easy Drain. EasyRemover can be used on stainless steel and chrome-plated parts.

Easy Cleaner can be used on


  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Glass
  • Stainless steel
  • Chrome plating
  • Aluminium

Note: Do not use on marble or limestone.

EasyClean set can be used on a daily basis

[How-to] Clean your shower drain in 3 steps

Shower drains come in various design covers and materials. Make sure that you use the right cleaning product. We recommend using the EasyClean set, but household products are also suitable, just make sure that they don’t harm the materials. To achieve the best possible result, please read the product’s instructions carefully.

Here you will find a short explanation about how-to clean any type of shower drain. If you have any questions, please don´t hesitate to contact us.

1. Cleaning the grate or trim

Easy Drains are available with various grate types, which are all easy to clean. Make sure to repeatedly clean your grate for maximum water drainage.

Remove the grate cover

Easy Drain linear shower drains are supplied with a grate removal tool. This tool is designed to make lifting the drain covers easy and can also be used to adjust the drain’s height adjustable legs.

Easily lift the grate cover

Option 1. Stainless steel or chrome-plated grate

Clean a stainless steel grate cover, whether it’s brushed, polished or chrome-plated, with warm water and a soft cloth or use our EasyClean set, which is specially designed to keep your shower drain in optimal shape. When using the EasyClean set, apply EasyRemover directly to the surface to be cleansed by using the enclosed sponge. Next, smudge the surface using regular circular movements. Let the detergent soak for approximately 3 minutes. Afterward rinse the drain thoroughly with water. Treat the surface with EasyCleaner for a protective coating.

NoteOnly use on stainless steel or chrome-plated parts.

Apply using circular movements for maximum result

Option 2. Tile grate

The tileable grate cover is usually fitted with the same tile or material as the bathroom floor. In this case, we advise cleaning the cover according to cleaning instructions of the floor. Please contact your tile supplier for more information on cleaning advice. Please regard that the tile tray is made of stainless steel and can be cleaned by using the EasyClean set.

Clean the tile the same way as the floor

Option 3. Glass grate cover

Glass grate covers can be cleaned the same way as stainless steel covers, using warm water and a soft cloth. It’s also possible to use a mild glass cleaning product or the EasyClean set.

Clean with a mild glass cleaning product

2. Cleaning the siphon

Easy Drains are available with various siphons, which are all easy to clean. If your particular shower drain includes a hear catcher, please remove and clean this part periodically.

Cleaning shower drains with a removable siphon

Once you’ve removed the grate you have a quick and easy access to the water seal. The water seal can easily be removed for cleaning. Some type of siphons, have an oval inspection cap. Please remove this cap before cleaning. When finished, put the cap plug into the siphon.

Shower drain with removable M1 siphon

Cleaning shower drains with fixed siphon

Shower drains with a fixed siphon require another method for cleaning. The first step is to take out the plug in the siphon. By using the removal tool you can easily remove the plug and get access. Now, you are able to clean the siphon and other parts with the provided cleaning brush. When finished cleaning, put the plug back into the siphon.

Shower drain with fixed siphon

Clean access pipe to sewer

Make sure that when cleaning the siphon, you also clear any possible blocks in the access pipe to the sewer. For this job we recommend using a flexible brush or wire snake. Don’t use any sharp or hard objects to prevent doing damage to the drainage pipe.

Flexible brush that enables easy cleaning

3. Cleaning the channel or built-in set

The inside of the drain, which we call the built-in set or channel, can be cleaned using a mild house cleaning product or preferably our EasyClean set. We recommend using the EasyClean set, as this is specially developed for cleaning this part of the shower drain.

Option 1: Clean with EasyClean set

When using the EasyClean set apply EasyCleaner directly to the surface to be cleaned by using the enclosed sponge. Smudge the surface using regular circular movements. To improve surface glimmer, the surface has to be rinsed thoroughly with water and dried afterward, with the enclosed microfiber cloth.

After cleaning the built in set, rinse thoroughly

Option 2: Clean with a household cleaning product

When using a household cleaning product, make sure that this will not harm the stainless steel or ABS plastic. If the channel has a lot of residue attached, use a brush and some water. Be sure to use a soft brush to prevent scratching. After cleaning this part, rinse it thoroughly with water.

Use a soft brush if there is a lot of residue
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