Bathroom renovation – A spa experience in the city

Bathroom renovation – A spa experience in the city

David and Jennifer fell in love with an old house build in the 1920s. Unfortunately, their dream home was in desperate need of a renovation. Especially their bathroom needed to be remodelled.

Bathroom inspiration

The 25 year old bathroom was an important part of the renovation. The outdated sanitary, tiles, drainage system and drainage pipes were in need of replacement. As frequent sauna visitors, Jennifer and David preferred a wellness bathroom or spa experience. That’s why they favoured a bathtub and a spacious walk-in shower.

´First, we sought inspiration by looking through lifestyle magazines and Pinterest. Then we created a mood board and determined our preference for a particular style, colours and tiles. Next, we looked at practical issues such as; how much space can a sink occupy? Is underfloor heating possible and necessary? Should we choose a linear drain or a point drain? How much will it cost to remodel a bathroom?’

“These are typical questions to consider before you go and see a specialist, in order to keep things aligned with your budget”
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Professional bathroom design services

´For professional advice and creative input we decided to go to a bathroom showroom. This is where you’re able to go through the specifics with a specialist and get advice on possibilities in terms of design and installation for your bathroom remodelling. Because we were dealing with an old house, we needed to be well informed about our possibilities’

David and Jennifer wanted a modern walk-in shower with shower drain. However, there wasn’t a lot of space available in the existing subfloor for a normal sized shower drain. Luckily there are special flat shower drains available, developed for renovation projects like ours.

“We’ve also encountered crooked walls and old piping, which are typical for an old house. To fix this we repaired the walls and replaced the old pipes. We also found out that the wooden floor beams underneath the floor were, fortunately, still in good condition.”

Bathroom remodelling

To save some money, David and Jennifer decided to do some of the renovation work themselves. Especially the demolishing, cleaning and preparing was a job they could handle ourselves. The replacement of pipes, waterproofing, placing tiles and the installation of the walk-in shower and shower drain were carried out by professionals in order to get the most beautiful result. To integrate the spa experience, they’ve opted for trendy marble details, two elegant taps, a large multifunctional mirror with light and tileable shower niches to hide our shower accessories.

Wellness bathroom

Within a couple of weeks, the entire bathroom was renovated. The result was beyond their wildest dreams. The bathroom feels spacious, comfortable and luxurious due to the use of beautiful tiles, materials and lighting. In addition, it was important for David and Jennifer to have a practical bathroom. That’s why they selected a number of bathroom accessories such as a mirror with adjustable lighting and anti-fog option. With a vanity unit and recessed wall niches in the shower, there was also have enough storage space.

‘We’re very happy with our wellness styled bathroom!’

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