Easy to clean
Time saving
100% Waterproof
10-year warranty

The cleanest shower drain ever

Thanks to the high waterflow rate, dirt and hair cannot get stuck, reducing cleaning to a minimum. The patented Dryphon design offers a significant improvement in drainage capacity of up to 60 litres per minute. This exceeds all standard requirements and regulations.


Dryphon vs Siphon

After flushing through dirt and water, the opening closes immediately so that there is no open connection to the sewer. In this way, the bathroom remains odour-free, even if you are not at home for a longer period of time!

dryphon siphon
Hair and dirt can build up.
Hair and dirt flow through.

Dryphon technology available in

Compact Clean

The Compact Clean is the world’s flattest shower channel (ideal for renovation projects) and requires almost no cleaning! Thanks to its improved siphon with our Dryphon® technology, it is now even more efficient and comfortable. In addition to our siphon with Dryphon® technology, the Compact Clean shower channel includes a conventional siphon with barrier water height.

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Modulo Clean

The Modulo Clean shower channel is the world’s most comprehensive series of drain systems that require almost no cleaning! Thanks to its improved siphon with our Dryphon® technology, it is now more efficient and convenient. The Modulo Clean is supplied with a conventional standard siphon as well as the Dryphon® technology siphon.

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Technical details

60l/min maximum drainage capacity
85% less cleaning
50mm minimum installation depth
Incl WPS-system
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Choose your finish. Choose your style.

Our Easy Drain series provides you with the opportunity to design your bathroom exactly as you want it. The program offers unique design sets that are perfect for small and large-sized shower floors. With the modern and timeless design grates, you have the opportunity to personalize your shower sensation.

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Zero+ brushed stainless steel

100% watertight 10-years warranty

With the patented Water Protection System (WPS), we offer 10-years warranty on any installation. This WPS-system consists of a flexible waterproofing membrane which is connected to the drains stainless steel flanges or special cuff. This way, leaking as a result of faulty installation due to unfavorable conditions is eliminated.

Height adjustable feet

Easy Drain shower drains are supplied with adjustable legs for easy height adjustment and levelling as well as fixing the build-in set during installation. Our Wall models come with a special mounting kit for easy application against the wall.

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