World’s largest design drain manufacturer to enter the Nordics

World’s largest design drain manufacturer to enter the Nordics

Easy Sanitary Solutions (ESS) aims to be the leading supplier to Nordic bathrooms and has engaged former Unidrain CEO Peter Secher to fulfill this mission. The first step will be to enter Denmark, where Danish Unidrain is the market leader.

Dynamic duo

It is a dynamic duo that will enter the Nordics. The Dutch Keizers brothers have managed to distribute their design drains and bathroom solutions to more than 40 countries in less than two decades and have achieved an annual quantity of 1.5 million units.

“We have long been looking for an opening to the Nordic market. With Peter Secher we have found the perfect person to lead our expansion in the Nordics. Peter is a visionary business executive with a global perspective who has been in the plumbing business for more than 25 years. We are looking very much forward to an exciting journey in the Nordic market.” – Eric Keizers.

Success with built-in designs

ESS is rooted in design drains with the brand Easy Drain. However, in recent years ESS has grown extensively with a variety of bathroom applications that solve several technical and practical challenges in one design solution.

“In a very conservative construction industry, ESS has contributed in a new way with their very flexible and built-in designs. In addition, they offer drainage solutions in a variety of categories fitted to both the luxury villa, the studio apartment and the sports hall.” – Peter Secher.

The broard product range, the high quality and an innovative, dynamic and globally oriented company are the reasons why Peter Secher finds it interesting to establish ESS in the Nordics.

“Installers work with a multitude of different suppliers for the bathroom and has at the same time a need for flexibility in the solutions. If they can get a partner with a broard and flexible product range, their everyday life will be easier. Our group name is Easy Sanitary Solutions. This is not a coincidence. Our market approach is most of all about making it easy for our customers to deliver high quality and aesthetic bathrooms with smart details.”- Peter Secher

Need for more global solutions in Nordic construction

“As wholesalers become more internationally orientated, the Nordic market is melting together, and digitalization creates more transparency. There is an increasing need for manufacturers to be more global and digital. Many global brands can choose not to enter the Nordics because it is a complex market to operate in.”

“The Nordic region is relatively complicated with different regulations in each country. You would need a large product range if it should pay off. During the past years, ESS has built an impressive product range and increased brand awareness, which makes the timing right.” – Peter Secher

Peter Secher will lead the Nordic journey from a headquarter in Denmark.





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