Okura Hotel, Amsterdam

Okura Hotel, Amsterdam

Located in “de Pijp” in Amsterdam you find one of the leading hotels of the world. Hotel Okura is a luxurious five star hotel which recently renovated their hotel bathrooms and swimming pool using Easy Drain shower drains.

  • Year 2018

Michelin star restaurants

Hotel Okura first opened its doors in 1971; a 23-storey building in the middle of a residential area, close to the financial and cultural district. It offers a five-star ambience, fitness area, spa, indoor swimming pool and several Michelin star restaurants.

Optimal bathroom experience

For an optimal bathroom experience, Easy Drain Compact shower drains were chosen for all bathrooms. Because of its low installation depth of 63 mm, the Compact is by far the leading shower drain for renovation projects. The Easy Drain Multi TAF shower drains are installed around the indoor-swimming pool. The Multi TAF has a reversible grate (zero or tile) and a 360 rotatable outlet for a perfect installation.

A spectacular rooftop panorama

Hotel Okura is by far the tallest building in the area due to previous budget discussions regarding the Opera that should have been built next to the hotel.
In the end construction never took place. This now results in a spectacular rooftop panorama of Amsterdam.

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