Market Hall Rotterdam

Market Hall Rotterdam

Rotterdam Market Hall is a spectacular construction project that will have its opening autumn 2014. This future Rotterdam icon is a one of a kind indoor-project inspired by examples abroad, such as Barcelona and Copenhagen.

  • Year 2014
  • Architect MVRDV

Spectacular living

By putting apartments, a huge fresh-market, bars, food shops and a supermarket all together under one roof, the Dutch create Holland’s first indoor food market in downtown Rotterdam.

Unique combination

This building offers a unique combination of culinary delights, a variety of shopping and comfortable living in downtown Rotterdam. The 11-storey project contains a giant arch that completely covers the fresh market. In this beautifully designed arch are 126 spacious apartments situated, starting from the 2nd floor up to the 10th floor, all with an amazing view.

Barrier free showering with Easy Drain

Apartments in this project are built with a luxurious bathroom equipped with a modern walk-in shower. The bathroom floor is fully tiled and equipped with an Easy Drain shower drain that is installed in the floor. Only top-quality sanitary brands and materials are used, in order to guarantee an excellent finish.

Unique project features
– A forty meter high arch made of stone including windows
– Apartments across the full width of the arc (7.8 m) on both sides
– Half of the apartments overlook the hall
– Inside the arc glass windows are spectacularly mounted in a frame of steel cables

Need help?

Sometimes projects just need that extra bit of attention and effort. We are happy to help. Our products combined with your vision create the perfect atmosphere. Simple for the contractor and perfect in design. Contact our project manager if you have any questions.

Thomas Westerman

Thomas Westerman

Interior Designer
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