Hotel Exquisit

Hotel Exquisit

Hotel Exquisit is located in the South East of Bavaria in Oberstdorf (Germany), an area that is well known for its ski facilities. Hotel Exquisit offers a variety of wellness options and activities.

  • Year 2017


This hotel is characterized by a combination of modern comfort and traditional elements of Oberstdorf, featuring locally sourced timber and stone. The rooms beautifully overlook the Alpines. You can look forward to culinary surprises from the chef, a spa area of more than 11,000 square feet, 18 nearby golf courses and a well-developed network of trails and roads for hiking and biking.

“Guests can enjoy an intimate and relaxed feeling with a well-appointed bathroom”

A haven of tranquillity

Hotel Exquisit definitely justifies its name. All rooms located in the Hotel are tastefully decorated and contain a luxury bathroom. Guest can enjoy an intimate and relaxed feeling with a well-appointed bathroom and private shower featuring Easy Drain linear shower drains.

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