Hotel Edelweiss

Hotel Edelweiss

Hotel Edelweiss Wagrain is a cosy four star-comfort place with a traditional and elegant ambiance. Its atmosphere is warm and friendly, typical for Salzburg hospitality, which makes this the perfect place for recreation and relaxation.

In the heart of the mountains

With hiking in summer and skiing in winter guests can enjoy this hotel the whole year through! Guests are offered a pleasant climate and calming atmosphere using spacious and ambient furnished rooms. Each room features a modern barrier-free bathroom including drench shower with Easy Drain linear shower drain.

“Easy Drain’s ensure a problem free drainage of all shower water, while at the same time giving the bathroom a unique touch”

Modern barrier-free bathrooms

To offer guests an ultimate shower experience, every room is installed with a modern barrier-free bathroom with spacious shower area and drench shower. Easy Drain’s linear shower drains used in this project ensure a problem free drainage of all shower water, while at the same time giving the bathroom a unique touch.

Place for well-being

Edelweiss has a green spa which offers a fantastic panoramic view of the Alpine mountain scenery. In the wintertime the place is perfect for skiing, thanks to the location directly in the middle of Austria’s largest skiing region. This way, guests can start directly on the slopes. In summertime it changes into the ultimate hiker’s paradise and ideal starting point for excursions. The hotel is beautifully situated, on the Weberlandl mountain range, which is 1200 meter above sea level. Here guests can enjoy nature in all its peace and tranquillity.

Need help?

Sometimes projects just need that extra bit of attention and effort. We are happy to help. Our products combined with your vision create the perfect atmosphere. Simple for the contractor and perfect in design. Contact our project manager if you have any questions.

Michael Saalfeld

Michael Saalfeld

Project Manager
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