Forty Seven Hotel Rome

Forty Seven Hotel Rome

Forty Seven is a modern, elegant and extremely functional hotel in a superb location in Via Petroselli right in the heart of Rome, Italy. With a rooftop terrace restaurant you're able to enjoy a view of vibrant history.

A modern art

Each room is intentionally decorated in neutral shades with details, lighting and reflections that create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere.

“Wake up with a view of the Ponte Rotto”

Skilful combination

Colours and multiple materials like steel, wood, glass, marble and state-of-the-art technology have been skilfully combined to produce an upgraded environment. This combination is visible in the bathroom as well, which includes Easy Drain shower systems.

Need help?

Sometimes projects just need that extra bit of attention and effort. We are happy to help. Our products combined with your vision create the perfect atmosphere. Simple for the contractor and perfect in design. Contact our project manager if you have any questions.

Marcel Minnen

Marcel Minnen

Project Manager
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