De Rotterdam

De Rotterdam

'De Rotterdam' is a huge construction project on the Wilhelmina Pier in Rotterdam. This impressive building will bring living, working, shopping and recreation together. 'De Rotterdam' was designed, in 1998, by Rem Koolhaas to function as a complete vertical city; a dynamic place that is alive 24 hours a day and where people can reside comfortably.

  • Year 2014
  • Architect OMA

Vertical city

Apartments in this building will have exclusive bathrooms with top quality sanitary, including barrier-free showers with Easy Drain shower drains. ‘Vertical city’ comes from the variety of features that this building will offer; creating a dynamic mix of business, residential and recreational areas, including shops, businesses, apartments, restaurants and a hotel.

“Together with an amazing view over the Rhine, 'De Rotterdam' is clearly a perfect place to enjoy life right in the heart of Rotterda”

Living, working and leisure

These areas are all connected with each other through a grand central lobby. Superior quality is reflected in every aspect of the building, by using all modern conveniences and top quality materials and brands. Together with an amazing view over the Rhine, ‘De Rotterdam’ is clearly a perfect place to enjoy life right in the heart of Rotterdam.

Barrier-free showering with Easy Drain

‘De Rotterdam’ has three towers. Each tower consists of 44 floors and reaches up to 149 meters high, covering a total of 160,000m². These specifications make ‘De Rotterdam’ Holland’s largest building, placed on a foundation the size of a football field. The three towers show unique exterior features, by being slightly shifted about 90 meter above the ground. This way, various meeting places are created that are perfect for terraces.

Every single apartment in this impressive building is designed to provide an experience of living in absolute luxury. This high standard of living is also reflected in the bathroom, by using renowned sanitary brands and exclusive tiling. The bathrooms have barrier-free showers with specially developed Easy Drain shower drains, in order to provide residents with an unparalleled feeling of comfort.


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