Black details in a bathroom

Black details in a bathroom

Black is a timeless and versatile colour that goes with almost everything, which makes it the perfect colour to use in a bathroom. Adding black details to your bathroom can give it a sleek and modern appearance. ESS offers various products that are available with black finishes. Do you need some inspiration for adding black details to your bathroom? Keep on reading!

Shower drains

Black is back! Black is a very popular finish in bathrooms today. Adding a black finish will complete your bathroom and gives your bathroom a tough and industrial look. Black shower drains are available in different variants and designs. For example, you can choose a black linear shower drain or a black design drain.

Linear shower drains

The Easy Drain Modulo TAF (Wall) series offers a model for floor and wall application. The Modulo TAF (Wall) is available in lengths from 500 to 2000 mm with a water seal height of 30 or 50 mm. With our TAF-technology and Water Protection System we guarantee an easy installation and a finish that is 100% waterproof.

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Easy Drain Modulo TAF Wall
Easy Drain Diamond

Design drains

Have you ever thought of adding a different form of shower drain to your bathroom?
With the Easy Drain Diamond you will give your bathroom a luxury feel thanks to its unique shape. It offers you optimal water drainage while it requires only a two-sided slope. Furthermore, the Diamond is easy to install in showers of any size.

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Wall niches

With our wall niches, you can easily create more space in your bathroom to store shampoos and other products. Whether you choose the design or the practicality of our wall niches, they will fit perfectly into your bathroom. The wall niches are easy to install and have been developed in accordance with the high quality standards of ESS. They are available in sizes from 150×150 to 600×300 mm.

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Add a special touch to your bathroom with our C-BOX wall niche. The subtle black gives a soothing look to any type of bathroom. The C-BOX is impossible to imagine the modern bathroom without it. Coming in different sizes and finishes, the C-BOX is the ‘final touch’ to complete your bathroom.

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Container Wall niche C-BOX
Container Wall niche T-BOX


Complete your bathroom with our invisible T-BOX. This unique and tileable wall niche fits perfectly into any type of bathroom. Thanks to the simple and user-friendly push-open function you can easily open and close the wall niche. The T-box is available in a variety of sizes and finishes.

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Black accessories

You can also take a more subtle approach to black in the bathroom. How? By using black accessories in your bathroom. This way, you create a new look without having to do a complete renovation. Examples of black bathroom accessories are our toilet brush holders, toilet paper holders and toilet paper storages. All of our storage solutions are available in various finishes and are easy to install. Start re-designing your bathroom today.

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Container Toilet Paper Storage


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