Bathroom storage ideas

Bathroom storage ideas

The Container series provides innovative storage solutions that enhance your bathroom's design and offers a place to conveniently store all your shampoos, shower gels and toiletries - visible or invisible - inside your walls. Finally, you can de-clutter and create a more spacious bathroom. 

Wall niches

Unlike traditional storage cabinets, a built-in wall niche (suitable for dry- and solid wall) enables you to create room inside your walls without losing any space around it. Container wall niches are designed for application in the shower area and/or above the bathtub. These space-winners are 100% waterproof, made of stainless steel and have a built-in element for easy installation.

Stylish collection of bathroom niches

The T-BOX is a recessed wall niche with a tileable door, which you can decorate the way you want. Minimal design lovers will go for the frameless C-BOX space-winners that come in various colours. BOX niches have a colour box with stainless steel or polished frame and with the F-BOX you get a sophisticated coloured inside and frame. Wooden frames are available in W-BOX series, in case you are going for a natural look. Container recessed niches come in various dimensions, which allows you to decide how much space you want to create! Also, many models have optional LED lighting (IP65) and mirror.

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Toilet brush holder

Usually, the toilet brush is placed next to the toilet. In order to create more space and a minimal look, the Container ROLL recessed brush holder can be used. This way, the brush is placed inside the wall and out of sight which contributes to a more clean look.

Many colour finishes available

The stainless steel T-ROLL brush holder is 100% waterproof and comes with a tileable door. You can choose to tile the door with the same wall tiles or a different material. The Container series has a whole range of colours and options such as a brush holder with a toilet paper holder or niche.

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Toilet waste bin

The T-ROLL waste bin & storage, makes your waste bin disappear by placing it inside the wall. This amazing recessed niche frees up more space in any bathroom or toilet.

Easy to open and empty

The recessed waste bin has a tileable door for a completely invisible look. The door is easy to open thanks to the push-to-open system. Also, a niche is added to offer extra space for toilet items. The high-quality stainless steel waste bin that’s inside is easy to empty and will last a lifetime.

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Toilet paper storage

From now on your toilet paper doesn’t have to be visibly stored. This Container ROLL toilet storage solution has been specifically created to store toilet paper inside your walls while offering easy access. 

Store up to 6 rolls

You can choose between a single storage unit in shapes round and square shape, or a complete storage unit with space for up to 6 toilet paper rolls. The frame is made out of stainless steel and is easily tileable.

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