125 Greenwich, New York

125 Greenwich, New York

In the heart of new Downtown, a crowning triplex of amenities are located on the top three floors, 912’ into the sky. Explore its abundant list of leisure activities such as a fitness area, theater, pool, spa, relaxation lounge and private dining possibilities. Without any doubt 125 Greenwich offers one of the most spectacular views in the big apple.

  • Architect Rafael Viñoly. Interior by March & White London

Behold the work of top designers

The entrance is marked by recessed dark bronze doors and a dazzling chandelier. March & White interiors have envisioned every residence with utmost exquisity. Colour, design, light and space are in perfect harmony. Enjoy your panorama view of the Hudson, while indulging in the open-plan architecture and laid back elegance.

“Floor to ceiling windows provide the maximum amount of visibility and clarity”


Like the covered in marble kitchens, the same elements continue in the bathrooms where complementary hues are kissing bespoke design and refined materials. All floor level shower areas are completed with a Modulo Stone with extensions. The Modulo Stone is specifically created to fit seamlessly in natural stone flooring.

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