What is the best place to install a linear shower drain?

Easy Drain linear shower drains can be installed in various locations in the shower. First, you need to determine where you want to place your shower drain. We recommend installing your shower drain against the wall (three-sided installation). By doing so, you have a one-sided slope that offers the easiest installation with less tile cutting necessary. Another option is to place the shower drain free-in-the-floor. Keep in mind that you need to create sloping towards the drain from all angles. 

Wall installation

Floor installation

Note: The location of the shower drain can affect the drainage of the water. Always consult a specialist when determining the location.

Note: To achieve the best possible result, please carefully read the installation guide because the exact instructions depend on the type of shower drain. We recommend that the shower drain installation should only be done by trained professionals in compliance with local building regulations.

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