Which height does my water seal need to be?

The water seal height is the height of the water in the siphon that blocks the air from the sewer. According to the European building standard EN 1253, a shower drainage system must be installed with a water seal (height) of at least 50 mm. Sometimes in renovation projects, there isn’t a lot of space available in the floor. A lower water seal height also means a lower installation depth. So, in this case, a siphon with 30 mm water seal can be applied.

Note: a lower water seal height (i.e. 30 mm) means less drainage capacity and can dry out more easily when it isn’t used for a longer period of time, for example during holidays.

Note: To achieve the best possible result, please carefully read the installation guide because the exact instructions depend on the type of shower drain. We recommend that the shower drain installation should only be done by trained professionals in compliance with local building regulations.

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