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Floor type

Tile / ceramic (7-18 mm)
mosaic linear shower drain
Glass Mosaic (2-3 mm)
Natural stone (10-30 mm)


Free in the floor




100 mm - 400 mm

Installation depth

64 mm - 95 mm


10 years warranty
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Shower drains

Choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes

Create unique spaces

Easy Drain shower drains are equipped with premium technology and designs that fit any type of bathroom. Whether you’re looking for a glass grate or stainless steel grate; design options are numerous. It’s even possible to use your own bathroom tile as grate design. In addition, all shower drains are made of high-quality stainless steel and  are available with either a horizontal or vertical outlet.

Think free. Shower free.

Easy Drain shower drains are equipped with our patented Multi-technology. This means a great variety of trap bodies that can be pivoted, shortened and are easy to clean. These shower drains come in a wide range of shapes and dimensions and can be used in any type of bathroom, whether it’s new construction or renovation.


  • Aqua Jewels Quattro

    Easy Drain Aqua Jewels, the world’s most advanced shower drain. The square shaped Quattro comes standard with the revolutionary TAF-system and WPS. The height adjustable grate support frame and pre-assembled sealing membrane ensure a seamless and watertight connection with your bathroom floor.

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  • Aqua Plus Delta

    Aqua Plus Delta, the shower drain with revolutionary Multi-technology. The triangular shaped Delta is supplied as a complete set including cement cap for protection during installation and is suitable for every installation depth due to the height-adjustable trap body and grate.

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  • Aqua Jewels Delta

    Easy Drain Aqua Jewels, the world’s most advanced shower drain. The Delta comes standard with the revolutionary TAF-system and WPS. The height adjustable grate support frame and pre-assembled sealing membrane ensure a seamless and watertight connection with your bathroom floor.

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  • Aqua Plus Quattro

    Aqua Plus shower drain series are equipped with our revolutionary Multi-technology. The build-in set is entirely made of stainless steel. This way, Aqua Plus is suitable for every build-in situation. An answer to every shower drainage question.

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Why professionals prefer Easy Drain?

Easy installation Easy installation

Easy installation

Uncomplicated installation, preferred by professionals worldwide

10 year warranty 10 year warranty

10 year warranty

Proven quality that lasts a lifetime in your bathroom

Easy to keep clean Easy to keep clean

Easy to keep clean

Effortless cleaning thanks to patented access possibilities

Long lasting life in your bathroom

Quality where you need it the most

Beauty is more than skin-deep

Beneath the grate, every Easy Drain is constructed of high-quality stainless steel guaranteed to maintain its function and beauty for many years to come. Drain traps are made of antimicrobial ABS plastic, providing maximum hygiene where it matters most.

Endless design options

We have the perfect shower drain for every project. Whether it’s an unexpectedly elegant take on a conventional round drain or a surprisingly intriguing square drain or triangle drain, there’s sure to be an Easy Drain that can elevate this oft-forgotten aspect of the bathroom.




Triangular drain that fits perfectly into any square or rectangular shower floor.

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Square shaped shower drain fits seamlessly into any bathroom design.

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Beautifully crafted round shower drain that’s designed to match any bathroom style.

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Aqua Plus

Aqua Plus

Quality where it matters the most

Our extensive range of Aqua Plus shower drain products offers multiple solutions for water drainage. This gives you the ultimate flexibility to customize your bathroom. You can be sure that whichever shower drain you choose, it is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, ensuring a comfortable and safe feeling when in use.

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  • Aqua Brilliant

    Premium technology

    Enjoy cutting edge technology in your bathroom. Our Aqua Brilliant not only looks great but also has premium technology. It comes with a variable connection for horizontal or vertical installation and is extremely flat with only 75 mm installation depth, which makes it the ideal solution for renovation projects.

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Needs to knows before installing

Determine the outlet and drainage capacity required for your project

Horizontal and vertical outlet

Easy Drain shower drains are available with both horizontal and vertical outlet. Which type you need depends on the situation on-site. All shower drains come as standard with a horizontal outlet. This will be sufficient for most situations, but when required, a siphon with vertical outlet can be ordered separately. Our range of patented Multi siphons offer various outlet types -horizontal and vertical- combined with a pivoted and shortable trap body. A solution for any bathroom project.

Drainage capacity

Be aware of the fact that the chosen drainage capacity has to be higher than the amount of water that flows through the shower head. This is to prevent some bathroom flooding situations. Easy Drain shower drains have drainage capacity from 30 l/min up to 54 l/min, which is more than sufficient for almost any shower head.

Tip: When using big rain showers with separate body sprays, a standard shower drain can reach its limit. For this situation, we have the high capacity M-2 siphon with a capacity up to up to 75 l/min!

Durability & Maintenance

When selecting the right shower drain for your project, make sure that they're durable and require minimum maintenance.

Designed for a lifetime

Easy Drain shower drains are manufactured with only the best materials, for example, first rate stainless steel. All our shower drains meet all necessary requirements, including certifications and testing standards. All this to ensure that your shower drain lasts a lifetime in your bathroom!

Low maintenance

Easy Drain shower drains have a (removable) water seal that is easy to clean due to patented access options. The siphon is standardly made of antimicrobial ABS plastic for maximum hygiene in your bathroom. In order to keep your drain in optimal condition, we recommend the use of Easy Clean Set. This set removes filthiness and other stains that are hard to remove and gives the drain its gloss back.

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