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Save time with Easy Drain shower drains [Part 2]

As labor costs are rising, creating the bathroom of your dreams may be costly. One of the most time-consuming, but essential, tasks is installing your shower drain. As a highly innovative company, we are constantly striving to further optimize our products in order to reduce the installation effort and thus Working time and costs.

Easy Drain: the ultimate time-saver for installation professionals

Easy sealing with Water Protection System

Installation of a guaranteed watertight shower drain is extremely important in order to avoid leakage. With our innovative Water Protection System, we offer uncomplicated waterproofing of the shower drain. Thanks to the (factory) pre-assembled sealing membrane, we can guarantee absolute watertightness. This way, leaks due to unfavorable installation conditions are a thing of the past. The patented WPS-system complies with EU test standard ETAG 022 for wet room waterproofing and exceeds all requirements for sealing systems. Easy Drain’s WPS-system is developed with over more than 14 years of experience in the sanitary industry and is preferred by professionals worldwide.

Pre-assembled sealing membrane
Factory pre-assembled sealing membrane – 100% watertight

More about WPS

Complete sets that consists of a few parts

Easy Drain shower drains are supplied as a complete set that only consists of a few parts, which enables a quick and easy installation. By using our crystal clear installation- advice and videos, assembling an Easy Drain is only a matter of seconds!

Complete package – everything is included

More technologies

Height adjustable feet for leveling and fixation

All our linear shower drains are supplied with height adjustable feets for easy height adjustment and fixing the build-in set during the installation process. These adjustable feets are available in two versions; for placement free in the floor or wall mounting.

No tools needed – special bracket for wall application available

More technologies

Easily adjust the grate to tile level

All our Easy Drain shower drains come with a height-adjustable grate in order to easily adjust the grate to tile level.

Height adjustable screws

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