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High drainage capacity – performance shower drains

When using large rain showers, perhaps with separate body sprays, a regular shower drain can reach its limits when it comes to drainage capacity. If this happens, water accumulates and causes a flooding in the bathroom. In order to prevent this, we developed the M-2 Siphon with a vertical outlet.

High drainage capacity

Increasing the drainage capacity
Maximum drainage capacity: 75 l/min

The M-2 siphon with vertical outlet has a 50 mm water seal (EN 1253 certified) and can easily be combined with more than 100 different Easy Drain shower drains. This unique siphon offers maximum drainage capacity of 75 liters per minute, which is sufficient for almost any high-performance drainage situation.

design options

We offer a whole range of shower drains that are compatible with the M-2 siphon. This way, you can choose from a large selection of grates including stainless steel, glass and tileable covers with lengths going up to two meters and more. Even special lengths are available on short notice.

The M-2 siphon is compatible with:

Easy Drain Nano & Nano Wall
Easy Drain Xs
Easy Drain Xs
Easy Drain S-line
Easy Drain Modulo

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