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Find the right shower drain for your bathroom floor

A bathroom is a place of comfort. Of course you want this to be an environment that meets your personal wishes. The bathroom floor has a great impact on the atmosphere and appearance of your bathroom. The possibilities are endless. However, make always sure that you choose a shower drains that fits your requirements.

Are your creating a unique atmosphere with (glass) mosaic, cast floor or ceramic tiles? In this article, we will tell you all about the drainage possibilities with different types of bathroom flooring.


shower drain for cast floor
Easy Drain Modulo TAF Low

The synthetic cast floor, also known as polyurethane (PU), is a type of floor that fits seamlessly and is 100% water-resistant. They come in various colour options and can even be printed with a unique design. Thanks to the rather elastic material, the floor itself feels smooth, is low maintenance and can be combined with floor heating.

Linear shower drains for cast floors
When using casts flooring, we advise you to make use of the Easy Drain Modulo TAF Low. This linear shower drain is equipped with a low TAF frame, especially for thin floors from 3 up to 13 mm.

MOSAIC floor

shower drain mosaic
Unlimited design possibilities with mosaic

Create your own piece of art by using mosaic tiles. These are timeless and look perfect in any type of bathroom. The advantage of mosaic tiles is that it can be used for walls and floors. There are also different kinds of mosaic available, each with their own features and flair. The following mosaic tiles are most frequently used in bathrooms: glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic and natural stone mosaic.

Linear shower drains for mosaic 
If you select mosaic tiles (ceramic or natural stone) we suggest you look for our Easy Drain Modulo TAF, Nano or S-line linear shower drains. When selecting thin glass mosaic, modulo TAF low is the right drain for the job. Due to the varying thickness of mosaic tiles, its recommended discussing the shower drain’s details with your tiler.


shower drain for natural stone
Easy Drain Modulo Stone (frameless)

Natural stone provides your bathroom with a look of true luxury. A Shiny natural product, which can be transformed into different shapes and sizes. There are several kinds of natural stones, such as granite, quartzite, slate, travertine, limestone and marble.
When placing a shower drain in a natural stone floor, you should always pay attention to which model is suitable and offers the required appearance, like with or without a visible frame.

Linear shower drain for natural stone
When using natural stone in your bathroom floor, we have recommended using Modulo Stone (frameless) or Modulo TAF High (visible frame).

VINYL floor

shower drain for vinyl flooring - hospitals
Easy Drain Vinyl

Vinyl is an artificial material, which can be bought in different colors and patterns. A vinyl floor is easy to clean, sustainable and comfortable. Vinyl floors are made for heavy usage loved thanks to its high water resistance. When going for vinyl as bathroom flooring its advisable to use slip resistant vinyl.

Linear shower drain for vinyl flooring
You want to enjoy your bathroom as much as possible and that’s why we invented the Easy Drain Vinyl, specially made for vinyl floors.


shower drain for ceramic tile flooring
Easy Drain Modulo TAF

Ceramic tiles are most common in modern bathrooms. These tiles are easy to clean and come in different colors, tints, patterns and sizes. Ceramic tiles are created by heating up and baking ceramic at 1000 °C. This makes it very durable and therefore are used for floors as well as walls. When using ceramic tiles in your bathroom floor, the drainage possibilities are endless.

Linear shower drains for ceramic tiles  
The most popular tile for any bathroom floor is ceramic. Almost any type of shower drain is suitable for this type of floor. Click here for an overview of drainage products suitable for ceramic tiles.

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