MacArthur Place Hotel Sanoma, California

MacArthur Place Hotel Sanoma, California

Located in the midst of California’s Wine Country lays MacArthur Place Hotel. This 150 year old luxurious hotel and spa is one of the last-remaining buildings with Victorian architecture in the county. It just had a multi-million-dollar upgrade to last for another 150 years.

  • Architect SFA Design

A magnificent 19th century estate

The 64 guest rooms are lined with rustic farm-like elements. The property has six acres of enchanting gardens with fountains & sculptures, a spa that uses the flowers of these gardens for treatments, a sophisticated, exquisite mediterranean restaurant called Layla, a midcentury private pool, a coffee bar and the list goes on.

“Top your wine tour off with a stay in MacArthur Place”


The guest room and suites are beautifully appointed; romantic and rural decorations are complementing each other. Wooden accents add a tranquil atmosphere and make sure that no detail is left behind. Each shower floor is completed with a Modulo Stone for a seamless fit and a finishing touch.

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